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Hinduism News is an online platform for sharing genuine, unbiased news on Hinduism. We are not a “right wing” news portal. We are a dharmic news portal for global Hindus.

Hinduism News brings you real news & analysis in the world of Hinduism globally.

We aim to be the knowledge bank, news portal, and discussion platform for all things Hinduism

We aim to bring justice to all those dharmic fronts wronged by the Left Wing & the Right Wing bias, giving strength to the quelled faint voices of dharma.

Write for Hinduism News

If you are passionate about Hinduism, have a unique perspective on Hindu dharma that you want to share with the world, or have a news story which nobody wants to publish, your search is at an end. You can send us your finished articles, which we will publish on our platform, and promote on our social media accounts, with due credits to you.

Writers’ Guidelines

If you wish to write for the website, please send your COMPLETE article as a Word document to [email protected] with your short bio & a headshot of yourself.

Please ensure that your article follows the following guidelines:

  • Please proofread your work for grammar and spelling. We cannot stress this enough. This is not our job. This is what a writer is supposed to do. It is the most basic requirement.
  • Please use diacritics to write Sanskrit words. If not, at the very least, they should be italicized everywhere.
  • Op-eds are welcome, but must be substantiated with actual incidents and references, with your take on it. If you are countering leftist narratives, or any other narrative demeaning Hinduism, please give proper references to that particular narrative first. Op-eds without proper context are not published.
  • Your article should follow a clear structure, with a logical connect, and must be broken up into different paragraphs and sub-headings following this structure. It should not be one continuous wall of text with no point or substance.
  • No matter what the topic of your article is, it should carry all references with proper links and images, preferably where the reference is made in the body of the text, with a list at the bottom.
  • Articles on history must mandatorily contain references to historical records or books, with images or links to the same.
  • News stories should be checked for authenticity before being sent to us. Please include as many details as possible in your news report. News reports without evidence or references cannot be published.
  • We prefer simple, yet powerful English to pompous, meaningless language. You do not need to mimic Shashi Tharoor. Please write in your own style; just ensure that what you write carries meaning and is authentic 🙂
  • Please send your article as a Word document. Ensure all links are within the same document, including your name, bio and email.

Please send the finished article to [email protected] with your name, a 3 line bio of you, and a head shot of you. We may take a few days to respond, so if you are sending a time sensitive news story, please mention so in your email. Thank you.

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Last modified: December 15, 2020

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