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It is important to stop donating money to Hindu temples in the Hundis, to shift the economics of a Hindu temple. As of now, Hindu temples are under government control, and are used as piggy banks by the government to fund any campaign, budget or activity: for eg, Haj subsidies, minority education in Madarsas, Church etc.
900 Year Old Hindu Temple Demolished
The Puri administration is tearing down many structures, including ancient Mathas, within 75-metre distance of the Jagannath temple walls in the name of development. Some of these Hindu religious institutions date back to hundreds of years. One of them is the 900 year old Emmar Matha, established by none other than Sri Ramanujacharya himself.
Sabarimala Women's Entry - Some Facts from Hinduism
Why are women of reproducing age not allowed only in Sabarimala temple? Why is it important to preserve the tradition of the temple? These questions have an answer, and it is worth finding out. Sabarimala women entry issue, ongoing in the Supreme Court of India, is an example of interference in Hindi traditions without any reason or...
Mecca Masjid Hyderabad
Hinduism Daily for April 16, 2018 Kathua Updates - Chargesheet Denied to Accused As per news reports, the accused & lawyer representing them have been denied the original chargesheet of the case. The Supreme court has ordered for the chargesheet to be given to all. The daughter of accused has demanded a CBI probe saying that innocent people will be punished for...