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Jai Ram Ji Ki While at a layover at Abu Dhabi airport, on my way home to Patna, I was sitting around a group of women. They were chatting up with a man in Bangla, a language spoken in the state of West Bengal in India...

It is a myth that Hindus are in majority. It is an even bigger myth that Hindus are denigrating other religious sects…and an even bigger myth that Hindus get everything on a silver platter from the government. But first let us identify who are really Hindus...

Many Hindus and anti-Hindus are caught in the web of thinking that the best way to prove their modernism and "open mindedness" is by abusing Hindu gurus, acharyas, rishis and Vedic heritage. Some declare themselves to be Hindus and do this, and some declare themselves...

In Hinduism, music, dance, arts, everything has a purpose - the purpose is to realize your higher Self or consciousness. The more time you spend in doing something creative which reminds you of your ishta, the more tuned you are to your own divinity and...