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In Hathuran, Bahrauch district, on the midnight of November 28th, a few Gorakshaks received the alert that a white Scorpio SUV will be carrying beef from Hathuran village to Limbayat slums of Surat city. Based on the information, at around 1 AM, a team of...

The sacredness of cow in Hinduism has been a topic of debate for some time now. When we look at a civilization, we see the values that define it, not just the dos and don'ts. Reverence towards the cow has been one of the defining...

Accused in Cow Lynching Case Proven Innocent The Court released the accused in the murder of Junaid Khan, in an alleged cow lynching case. This was another incident where Hindus were labelled as terror elements, without any basis. It has been mentioned by the court that...