Every struggle, every battle is both inside & outside. Whenever Adharma attacks, stand even TALLER with your dharma.

If you ditch your dharma in troubled waters, it’s just lip service.

Unless Hindus become more Dharmic, asuras will keep attacking us bcz that’s what asuras do! It’s the basic nature of an asura to destroy, damage others’ good work. That is the definition of an asura.. If that’s what you do, you are an asura, no matter what you call yourself…human, Hindu, Right Wing, whatever.

Anyone who revels in destroying the hard work of others is Asura as per Hindu Shaastras. Anyone who celebrates others’ success is a Sura. Anyone who, seeing others’ success, raises his own aspirations, standards, goals, is a human being.

Raising the bar of dharma is the solution. That is why Krishna delivers Bhagavad Gita right before the Mahabharat war. Because that’s when Dharma needs to be upheld even more strongly. Arjuna wasn’t an educated idiot. His confusion was genuine because he told Krishna about his confusion…only Arjuna sought Krishna’s guidance, only he worshipped Krishna as Bhagavan, only he sought and gained that level of closeness with Krishna, where he opens his being to Him, to let Him guide him forward.

Thanks to him, Krishna gave Bhagavad Gita to enlighten all of us eternally. Arjuna was the voice of humanity.

But modern day fools neither bother to read, nor understand Bhagavad Gita; only claim to wear a “dharmic” badge. No matter which badge you brandish, no matter what colour clothes you wear, unless you live & practice dharma like Arjuna did, you can never be a torchbearer of Dharma. If your personal, professional lives are full of crap, deceit, lies, betrayal, you are NOT living dharma & you are no one to teach it or comment on it. Hindus need an awakening that raises the bar of Dharma they practice today.

Photograph: © Arti Agarwal

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Last modified: December 15, 2020