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Who Can Be a “Guru”?

Nowadays, there is a lot of confusion around who can be a Guru. The word “guru” has lost its sanctity and any and every subject expert is called a guru. Worse, all sorts of motivational speakers, public personalities are now called gurus. Added to this, there is a new brand of spiritual leaders, who claim to be gurus, but give their own life hacks in the form of meditation etc, but shy away from learning or acknowledging the vast repository of knowledge in Hinduism.

The word “Guru” is a part of Hinduism, part of the sanskriti that has Hinduism as its core, base. Any “leader” who continually takes a “secular” stand by definition CAN’T be a “Guru.” Either you can be secular or a Hindu Guru. They’re mutually exclusive.

Public speakers & leaders claiming to be “Gurus” has become all too common for the wrong reasons. They want to garner a base of Hindu followers but haven’t the spine to stand up for Hinduism. Such people should not use the title of “Guru.” They should stick with titles like “life coach” etc.

Not every teacher is a Guru. Guru Purnima is NOT another “Happy Teachers’ Day!” A Guru is one who guides you towards realizing your true Self, and being One with the Cosmos. He is the very embodiment of the Cosmos. Only one who can guide you towards your ultimate goal of life, your spiritual path, your seeking and your higher reality can be called a Guru.

A Guru continues to raise you whether you are tired or not. He never gets tired. Gurus happen for only one reason – to raise humanity to the next level of conscious realization and breakthrough. They have nothing to achieve, prove or gain from anyone.

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Last modified: December 15, 2020