Hinduism News | White Supremacist Scholar Audrey Truschke Calls Sri Ram a Pig – Hindus Respond
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White Supremacist Scholar Audrey Truschke Calls Sri Ram a Pig – Hindus Respond

Audrey Truschke, a scholar at Rutgers University has posted several tweets where she calls Bhagwan Sri Ram a “misogynist pig” and alleges that Sita accuses Lakshman of lusting after her. These posts were made in the name of “loose translation” and “colloquialism” and given without proper links to references.

The Valmiki Ramayan does not have any such word or language anywhere: https://www.valmikiramayan.net/utf8/yuddha/sarga116/yuddha_116_frame.htm

This entire sarga talks of Sita’s fire walking test, and nowhere is Sita accusing Sri Ram of anything of the sort. This kind of misrepresentation of Sanskrit sacred texts is now a mainstream way of attacking Hindus, a religious minority in the USA. Her comments are racist and white supremacist.

Hindu scholars and authors from USA & India have responded to her and asked her to redeem her statements, but there has been no apology from her, only a backlash and attempts to justify her “freedom of speech.” We urge Hindus from all over the world to please tweet with the hashtag #SackAudreyTruschke so that the concerned authorities can take action and prevent further such abuse of Sanskrit literature.

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