Pt Satish K Sharma is an author and scholar based in UK, who has published his book “Caste, Conversion, a Colonial Conspiracy” that counters the flawed logic that targets Hindus for issues related to caste: the latest examples being the controversy at Cisco, and Isabelle Wilkerson’s book on the caste. He has argued, with evidence, how caste was a planned British ploy, now systematically used to gaslight Hindus and fan hatred for Hindus and their culture. This is an excerpt from his book, with some slight modifications by him.

There are probably more books on the surface of our Mother Earth than at any time in our history and the last thing I had ever wished to do was to add to Her burden. But we live in an age where information is leveraged not just to educate but also to manipulate our capacity to feel and to prepare us before the execution of acts of violence. A world where lies and hate speech are skillfully wielded against the vulnerable and innocent on a scale which would make Goebbels bow in reverence. Words and books are necessary to undo the harm being caused by words and books and so this book has proved necessary.

The 40,000-year-old Hindu civilisation has been the target of colonialist violence ever since Europeans set foot on the DevaBhumi, the land of the Devas. The indigenous Hindu community, whose Dharmic principles of living with the Earth and all of her children demonstrate through direct experience, the falsehood of colonizing “religions”, has been the target of unrelenting hate speech for over 1,400 years. This hate propaganda has accelerated in proportion to the appreciation of Dharmic knowledge systems, by foreigners, knowledge systems such as AyurVeda, YogaVidya and the other 5 Darshanas and in the early years of the 21st Century, the response of the “established by violence” belief systems and institutions has been to attack and vilify at every opportunity.   

In 2013, the majority, dominant British Anglican religionists launched a propaganda assault on British Hindus, an assault masquerading as Equality legislation. The intention was simply to permanently establish in law the Colonial trope, the civilizational libel, that Caste is a fundamental principle of Sanatana Dharma and a foundational principle of the Hindu civilization. To establish this in Law ordinarily required community consultation, data and evidence, none of which was conducted or collated and in place of which a campaign of vilification and denigration was deployed. Fortunately, the British Hindu community managed to challenge the defamatory generalization upon which this propaganda was dependent and the assault was defeated. This book is an account of some of the events which occurred and the reports and arguments which were presented to rebut the allegations.

Whilst Hindus globally have been working to erase consciousness of Caste, to return India to its pre-colonial pre-Caste vision of an equitable social organization, Isabel Wilkerson published her magnum opus “Caste” and undid the good work of millions of Hindus in one fell stroke. Her book, which can best be described as a textbook example of confirmation-bias and grossly inadequate research, compounded and fuelled by the “white saviour” colonial complex, manifesting in a person of colour.

My book, “Caste, Conversion, A Colonial Legacy” is not intended to be a work of conventional, academic scholarship (despite being of significantly superior quality to Wilkersons’ bestseller, in terms of research) but a text focused on one objective, to be accessible and to educate and empower the unjustly humiliated Hindu and to render apologetic and humble the arrogant “White Saviour Evangelist” Christian.

The facts contained in this book establish beyond doubt the duplicitous influence of the Church of England, the colonial origin of the “Untouchable”, and the present-day existence of a Christianist lobby intent upon vilifying Hindus in pursuit of their colonialist ideology.  It is irrefutably established that the conflation of Jati with Caste, and then Caste with Varna was intentional, malicious and inspired by hate and fear. Hatred in that the missionary organisations had discovered a complete, thriving, vibrant and prosperous civilization, the very existence of which completely undermined and established as false their own civilizational values and prejudices, and fearful since the revelation of the existence of millennia-old Hindu philosophies, metaphysics, astronomy and well-being sciences, would terminate their 1400 year old reign of violence, inflicted upon multiple generations, as the demands of a “fearful angry God”. 

Although this book arose out of the presence of an existential threat to the British Hindu community, its applicability to the challenge faced by Hindus globally should be recognized. The information contained herein, the communications and dialogues which were initiated and the academic, political and religious challenges which were overcome, will help other Hindus face and defeat this anti-Hindu hate campaign, but in a manner consistent with the grace and Dharmic principles which guide us. Those open to learning, irrespective of their “camps”, affiliations and inclinations will find value in the contents, those whose vested interests and political prospects require them to dismiss the contents, are beyond reconciliation and will find much to criticize and challenge.

Ultimately, Indians themselves, Hindus and non-Hindus, will have to find a solution to this issue and it is my conviction that the time for the healing of the rift in our Indian family, is at hand. One thing is clear, as will be demonstrated by the contents of this work and that is that non-Indian non-indigenous interlopers in this space, whose interests are served by this conflict, will seek to add fuel to and fan the flames of this conflagration, seeking surreptitiously to perpetuate Caste consciousness – their “good intentions” need to be courteously but firmly ejected.

This issue has been a personal journey of discovery, of reconciling deeply inclusive Dharmic civilizational principles with patently false societal fault lines, of detoxifying colonized accounts of India’s history whilst creating spaces free of missionary interference within which to churn facts and philosophy.

The greatest reward has been to witness the impact of this work not only upon Hindu children but on Christian friends who themselves had been conditioned to accept without question the accounts of “Hindu barbarity”, constructed, provided and generously proliferated by missionary colonialists. As the world and humanity progress on the traumatic journey of decolonization, the understanding and evidence contained in this work can bring Christians and Hindus, “Dalits” and others together in a manner capable of halting this long-running exercise in colonialist vilification. I am confident that outcome is inevitable, Dharma, harmony and justice demand it, the only remaining ingredient is momentum and that too is gathering in every former colony.

The research required to produce this work spanned several years, referring to dusty texts sourced in India’s pre-Independence back street bookstalls and digging through gigabytes of digital texts and files and I’m immensely grateful to those colonial-era authors such as Will Durrant with his “A Case for India” and Sir Penderel Moon, whose meticulous record-keeping helped me to piece together the pieces of this jigsaw to finally reveal the truth regarding Caste.

I’m grateful to the many who gave encouragement and guidance. I’m grateful to Dr Subramanian Swamyji for his passion for justice and restitution and to Shri Rajiv Malhotraji for his infectious determination and perseverance in the service of Dharma.

I must express my gratitude to my father and mother Harmesh Kumar and Kanta Rani whose home and spiritual practices bathed my childhood in dharmic virtues and whose immigrant’s stolidity in the face of hateful attacks emerging from racism, prejudice and white supremacy became my inner shield. Their obdurate rejection of discrimination and falsehood seeped into me in childhood and has been the foundation beneath my strength of conviction that this Caste-based vilification of Hindus, must end.

I’m deeply grateful for the support of my family, of my eldest Vivek and Jaspreet, and Varun and Viraaj for their scrutiny, criticism and acceptance of my “absence”. Above all, my profound gratitude and respect lie with my dear wife Meena, for accepting what at times must have seemed to be my “Captain Ahab” mission and who despite the mists surrounding this work, and its likely utility, stepped forward to be the tranquility and reliability which keeps all families moving forward. Her patience and strength were critical and any good that this work may do flows from her support.

In conclusion, as all fabricated un-evidenced colonial accounts of India’s history tumble, as we witness the dying days of that marvellous work of atrocity fiction “The Aryan Invasion Theory”, it’s fitting to declare that the Anglican Colonialist strategy to leverage ‘Caste’ to deliberately create discord and to deconstruct British Occupied Hindu India was hatched on January 4th 1844 and became terminally ill in 2021.

Image by antriksh kumar from Pixabay

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Last modified: March 5, 2021