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Why Should You Learn the Real History of Hinduism?

History of Hinduism

Why is it important for all Hindus to learn and explore the real, true History of Hinduism and India?

Where Do You Come From?

It is more than just about learning facts or who killed who. It is about exploring your culture, your heritage, where you come from, who were your ancestors.
If you know the richness, glories, greatness of your past, your very hopes and dreams, your goals in life will be different.Your world view will be different. History of Hinduism is, in many ways, far richer than the present. When you know the greatness of the past, your own sense of your possibilities will be different.

History Repeats Itself

History repeats itself, but not exactly the same way – it is packaged for current times. Knowledge of the past and how we failed, how we succeeded, why we failed, why we succeeded is all relevant to understand what is happening in the world now and what we should do about it.

Those who attack Hinduism often have better knowledge of the history and exploit the ignorance of Hindus by using the same techniques again, with different technology.

Don’t Live a Lie

If you don’t know the truth, any number of lies can be fed to you and you will no longer know that you are being lied to! Slowly, your whole life will be a lie, without you knowing about it.

Learn history from original works, accounts which have not been adulterated. Interpretations & adaptations have their own place, but cannot be used a reference for historical events.

If you want to refute some facts on history that I make, bring me historical evidence, else I will not respond.
Welcome to share genuine questions.

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Last modified: August 14, 2018