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Kathua Case – Why it is an anti-Hindu Narrative

Kathua Rape Case - why it is an anti Hindu narrative

Hinduism Daily for April 15, 2018

Kathua Case – Why it is an anti-Hindu Narrative

New facts have emerged in the Kathua case, which point towards many discrepancies in the case as reported by several media outlets & celebrities. There is now mounting evidence that the murder of the girl was committed in a forest, and her body was thrown in a temple, which is as small as one room, remains busy & open.

There is also the discrepancy that one of the accused was not in Jammu at the given date of the murder. He was in Meerut, writing an exam.

It has also been reported that the accused in the crime were subjected to third degree torture by Islamist radicals, who forced them into confessing the crime.

Girl in Forest

The foster father of the victim has released a video stating that no Hindus have opposed the arrest of criminals, they are only demanding a CBI probe.

All these points directly refute the initially mentioned “facts” of the case as a crime committed by Hindus, at a Hindu temple and arrest of criminals opposed by Hindus. This is an anti-Hindu narrative built up to mar the image of Hinduism in the minds of innocuous Hindus.

In response to the incident, many Islamic fundamentalists have started vandalising Hindu temples in Kerela, spoiling religious property.


Victim’s Father’s Testimony

Local Women Share Their Account

Reportage from Jammu:

Islamic Vandalism in Kerela


Other Facts:


‘Bakarwals, Hindus living in harmony, media wrong about us’



Over 2000 Women Converted to Islam Since 2006 in Kerela

It is estimated that more than 2000 women have been converted to Islam in the last 12 years. This is due to the phenomenon of “Love Jihad” which is a towering menace that threatens the peace of gullible Hindus. As a state with a fast growing Muslim population, it is highly questionable as to how many of these conversions are forced.

The Indian Constitution does not give exact rules or regulations on what is and is not a religious conversion, but condemns any forced conversions. If these conversions are proven to be forced, they Islamist community has a lot to answer for. Probes have been demanded by Hindu organizations.



Hindu Temple in Karachi Threatened by Encroachment

A 300 year old temple in Karachi, built in pre-partition architectural style, is facing threat due to expanding encroachment by shoopkeepers who have not paid any rent for years. The Sita Mata Mandir is owned by a Hindu community as per the Court orders. The same court orders also state that the shopkeepers need to pay rent but it has had no bearing on them. The temple owners state that they have no means to keep up maintenance of the old temple without this.




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