August is an important month from the point of view of Indian history, and there are certain chapters in Indian history that must never be forgotten. Direct Action Day and the genocide faced by the Hindus of Bengal is one such important chapter of Indian history, which must be remembered and reminded time and again.

Sriti O Chetona will be conducting an essay writing competition keeping in mind the events of 16th August, 1946 that altered the course of Indian history. The essay can be written in Bengali or English. There is no upper limit, however, it should not be less than 1500 words.

Suggested Topics:

1. Repercussions & Similarities – Jinnah’s Direct Action Day vs TMC ‘Khela Hobe’

2. Gopal Mukherjee: The Unsung Hero

3. What would have happened to Bengali Hindu culture if West Bengal was not created (compare with loss of Sindhi Hindu culture and others)

4. The Islamization of West Bengal and How to Counter it

5. Role of Communist Party in Bengal partition

6. The Real Face of Sheikh Mujibur in Light of his involvement in the 1946 Calcutta Killings

7. Bengali Hindu Exodus from East Bengal post partition 1947 – why weren’t they able to protect themselves from the Islamic onslaught? Analyze social, political, religious motifs.

One writer is allowed to submit as many articles as he or she wants.

Time to submit essay: August 1 – August 31, 2021

Send your essays to [email protected]


1st prize – INR 3000

2nd prize – INR 2000

3rd prize – INR 1000

Follow Sriti OChetona Facebook Page for future updates and prize announcements.

The winning entries, and a few other essays picked for quality content will be published on Hinduism News after the prize announcement.

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Last modified: August 1, 2021