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Cow Lynching Case, Holi Water Balloon Issue Debunked

Cow lynching Junaid Khan

Accused in Cow Lynching Case Proven Innocent

The Court released the accused in the murder of Junaid Khan, in an alleged cow lynching case. This was another incident where Hindus were labelled as terror elements, without any basis. It has been mentioned by the court that there was no evidence of any incitation of violence on the basis of communalism.




High Court nails lies of hate peddlers, finds no communal motive in Junaid lynching case

Water Balloons Filled With Semen Proven False

In a recent media outrage on Holi, it was alleged that semen filled balloons were being thrown at 2 students of LSR College. This raised a big hue and cry over the Hindu festival and was an indirect attempt at thwarting people from celebrating Holi. It instilled a sense of shame in gullible Hindus over their own festival. This outrage, as has now been scientifically proven, was completely baseless, and was designed to dupe Hindus into believing that the festival of Holi is somehow disrupting the peace of the society, whereas the elements who started this outrage are the ones who actually disturbed the peace of the society by spreading lies and fear in people, and stopping people from a joyous celebration.



Kathua – Fault Lines in the Story Thus Far

In a succinct summary of the many discrepancies discovered in the incident related with the alleged rape & murder of an 8 yr old girl, it has been stated that in January itself the accused had admitted to the crime. There is a resounding question as to why it took 3 months for a charge sheet to be filed and why so many loopholes in the same.


Kathua Case: Fault-lines and Apprehensions

Who Is Saint Aseemanand?

Sant Aseemanand was one of the upholders of Sanatna Dharma who actively prevented conversion of Hindus to Christianity. He worked with tribals, and stopped paid or forced conversions. He prevented innocent Hindus from getting fooled by Christian evangelists. 11 years ago he was framed in the case of the Mecca Masjid blast, and walked out as a free man on being acquitted yesterday.

Putting two and two together, one can see a pattern of why he was framed and whose agenda he was thwarting by being active in the society.

Another agenda to mar the public image of Hindu saints has been uncovered, where no evidence was found against him after intense search for 11 years. Certain organizations are now claiming that the verdict is “unfair,” whereas it has now been uncovered that a certain fundamentalist organization LeT could be behind these attacks and has been shielded thus far.




Hinduism Daily for 17 April

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