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6 Social Media Channels Which Give Real Indian History

Social Media Accounts Indian History

Real Indian history is one of those areas of “common knowledge” which is neither common, nor knowledge for most Indians. Partly this is because a big percentage of Indians never really bothered with any history at all, too obsessed with acing science streams. But largely this is because 90% of the content in Indian history books paints a very different picture of history, written by paid historians, and it is not at all history as it happened. Many heros are omitted. Many activists are stated as terrorists. Many persecutors are stated as generous. And uncountable instances of hate crimes, rape and slaughter are either softened over, or omitted entirely.

So we grow up thinking of our roots as something they never really were. When we wake up to this fact, we realize that we need to re-learn our history and it is not clear where to start. Real Indian history is hard to find in the overcrowded web of information and mis-information, without any guarantee of which falls into which category.

So I put together this list of a handful social media accounts who are shouldering this responsibility of educating the masses on real Indian history, to help bridge this knowledge gap.

#1 Twitter: TrueIndology

Tweets exclusive on history, and busts many myths circulated by vested interest groups.


#2 Twitter: Dr David Frawley

He is also known as Pt. Vamdev Shastri, and is a real Pandit unlike Jawaharlal Nehru. He is a well known Hindu author & historian and has been studying the culture of India for many decades. He tweets on all aspects of India’s culture and history.

#3 Twitter: Chandrapida

Tweets on Indian history and culture, busts many myths. Cites references wherever relevant.


#4 Facebook: Francois Gautier

Author of “Indian History as It Happened,” he posts relevant information on current and ancient factoids around Indian history. He arrived in India as an unbiased observer, and unearthed the history over several decades.

#5 Facebook Group: Indian History – Real Truth

The group is the only one of its kind where authentic information on history is shared. Now and then abusers and mischief mongers do find a way to post nonsense, but most such elements are proactively blocked. It is a valuable resource of information on history across a huge timeline.

#6 Facebook: Reclaim Temples

One of the rare few pages which posts authentic information on temples destroyed and/or defiled, with images and on ground reportage. People managing this page also works on rebuilding these temples.

Know of any other social media accounts who share authentic Indian history? Drop a comment!

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Last modified: August 15, 2018