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What Happens To Those Who Abuse Gurus

What happens to those who abuse Gurus

Many Hindus and anti-Hindus are caught in the web of thinking that the best way to prove their modernism and “open mindedness” is by abusing Hindu gurus, acharyas, rishis and Vedic heritage. Some declare themselves to be Hindus and do this, and some declare themselves to be atheists, irreligious etc. But the fact remains, that adharmics of all types have caught on the fashion of abusing Gurus and dismissing them as “fake” and “dhongi” without even bothering to investigate the matter or listen to what the person has to share.

The Place a Guru Holds in Hinduism

In Hinduism or Sanatana Vedic dharma, enlightened beings were called as Masters or Gurus. They are the embodiment of divinity and the entire Cosmos. Others were acharyas, and had their own place, also respected by all and sundry.

Enlightened beings are the physical presence of the very source of all life itself. They represent the divinity in all forms. Many people have had experiences of having a glimpse of their own ishta devata through their enlightened Gurus. And this is not some coincidence. It is because enlightened beings are the divine walking on earth. Their only goal, only purpose to assume form is to give humanity a conscious breakthrough, to relieve them from suffering, and to guide them towards a blissful life, and a achieve living enlightenment, so they live in the same space of bliss and completion as well.

What is Karma in Hinduism?

Karma is the baggage you carry when you have caused suffering to someone – any being. Any kind of suffering, physical, emotional, mental, psychological you cause to someone else is a karma for you. It is what stops you from getting what you want in life, from achieving whatever is important to you.

The eternal truth is Advaita – Oneness. Which means, all are manifestation of that same divinity, of the Cosmos. Not all have realized it yet, but the truth is that they are divine.

ॐ ईशा वास्यमिदँ सर्वं यत्किञ्च जगत्यां जगत् ।
तेन त्यक्तेन भुञ्जीथा मा गृधः कस्यस्विद्धनम् ।। १ ।।

ईशावास्य उपनिषद

The first verse of the first Upanishad outlines this.

The Karma Of Abusing Divine & Gurus

The karma you earn from abusing the divine in any form – deities, Gurus, scriptures – is the worst karma you can get in your life. This is even more so for abusing a Guru, because that is the divine descending to your frequency, to guide you forward.

When you abuse the divine, you are abusing the very source of Life. You are abusing that which keeps you, and every being alive. You are abusing that which nurtures and nourishes every being. That, added to the fact that you cause immense suffering by hurting those who worship and pray to those deities, Gurus and scriptures. Suffering is always suffering. But the suffering of those who are dharmic gives even great karma. This is why Brahma hatya was considered to be one of the most unpardonable crimes in the Vedic times – not because of some hierarchy, but because you are abusing the most dharmic person, who has dedicated his/her life to guiding & nurturing humanity, without any self interest.

The place of a Hindu guru in Hinduism

Abusing a Guru is the worst Karma anyone can get. When you abuse a Guru, all doors of conscious possibilities close to you. It means, you will not get any spiritual solution, guidance or help for many janmas. It is literally denying any possibility of growth or evolution to your own self, and cursing your very own self.

The person who abuses an enlightened Guru will be like the one who is living without knowing why he/she is living. S/he will take medicine but the medicine will not do any good to them, only harm. S/he will have people in their lives, but those people will not be a support, only a burden to carry forward. S/he will suffer like this for many janmas, because until they carry and go through the suffering they have caused to people, they will not be free of this karma. They have to exhaust this karma before they can have any support. And the karma is so huge that it takes several lifetimes to exhaust.

This is why, in Hinduism, all Gurus are respected. All gurus, even if we don’t know whether they are enlightened, are not abused. You can inquire, ask, question, discuss upon their teachings. You can differ with them. But abusing them or hurting them in any other way is like shooting yourself in the foot.

The biggest mark of intelligence in Hinduism is not getting degrees, but your own conscious evolution. And those who have that maturity and level of evolution, never abuse a Guru.

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Last modified: September 23, 2018