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For The Disillusioned Intellectual Hindu Youth

Are you a born & brought up Hindu youth, who is disillusioned with Hinduism? Who feels that the religion does not “live up to your expectations” & does not answer your questions and your quests? This video is for you.

This video answers many questions you may have, and poses some questions you need to answer for yourself if you are looking for a resolution for your disillusionment. Any Hindu who has never tried to learn Hinduism, should understand that their disillusionment with Hinduism is itself a delusion – because you are disillusioned about something you know nothing of! Any Hindu who has ingested Hinduism from the wrong sources cannot claim to have learnt Hinduism.

Hindu youth need to apply their analytics skills in a more constructive way. Apply the logic & skepticism you apply to others who teach Hinduism to your own doubts & questions as well. Then you will start asking the right questions and develop your spiritual seeking.

Modernism Is Not Synonymous with Disrespecting Traditions

Any Hindu who abuses those who preserve and share the knowledge of Hinduism is abusing that genuine seeking within his/her own self and will not have access to the genuine knowledge of Hinduism. It is your karma. Abuse of Hindu gurus are NOT fashionable. Even if you suspect some Guru to be enlightened, do not abuse them, irrespective of what others say! Modernism is not about abusing your culture and heritage.

A “guru” who does not give credit to Hinduism for their knowledge, who does not respect & give credit to their own Guru, to the Guru parampara, who does not give proper translations of sacred Scriptures, cannot be called a Hindu guru.

Seek a Guru who can guide you based on authentic knowledge of scriptures, and who respects and upholds the Guru parampara itself. If you want to start learning Hinduism on your own, start with the first 12 Upanishads or Bhagavad Gita.

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Last modified: December 7, 2019