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Sabarimala Women Entry – Some Facts from Hinduism

Sabarimala Women's Entry - Some Facts from Hinduism

Why are women of reproducing age not allowed only in Sabarimala temple? Why is it important to preserve the tradition of the temple? These questions have an answer, and it is worth finding out. Sabarimala women entry issue, ongoing in the Supreme Court of India, is an example of interference in Hindi traditions without any reason or background of Hindu traditions.

Hindu Temples Are Energy Centers

Those who do not know anything about Hindu traditions have no right to interfere in the functioning of temples. They need to learn the history of the temples, and science of temples first. Every temple has a deity which is installed with prana pratishtha. Specific dhatus are used, and specific mantras are chanted to install that deity so as to create an energy field which will give certain benefits and effects to those who visit the temple. The Sabarimala temple is dedicated to Lord Ayyapa in the form of a Brahmachari, who is to be worshiped only by males or women who are not of a reproductive age. These guidelines were set by Rishis who installed these deities and built the temples, and knew what energy fields have been created in the temple.

It is the leftist cabal abusing Hinduism & women by calling women of menstruating age as “impure,” not Hindus. This is not cited as the reason for not allowing women of reproductive age anywhere. This is an assumption made by immature minds.

Why is Secularism Not Applicable to the Temple?

Secularism cannot be applied to Sabarimala women entry issue. Secularism is applicable to institutions of a non religious nature, not temples, which are religious places of worship. Another relevant question: Why is the media not questioning the entry of women in all mosques and Dargahs like Haji Ali? If at all this is to be a secular practice, that question must be asked as well.

Watch the video to get answers to these, and many other questions relevant to Sabarimala women entry.

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Last modified: August 15, 2018