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Pakistani Hindu Brothers Coming to India Murdered in Lahore

A few days ago, India passed the Citizenship Amendment Bill which empowers the persecuted minorities of Pakistan, Bangladesh & Afghanistan to obtain citizenship in India. The minorities include Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists and Christians. The bill does not change the immigration laws of India, nor does it change the rights of any current citizens of India. It is meant as a relief to the persecuted minorities of these Islamic countries, who have no other country to seek refuge.

Yet, as a reaction to this restoration of human rights of Sanatanis & Christians, there have been riots all over India. Worse yet, is the plight of innocent, hapless Pakistani Hindus who were on their way to India, to celebrate their new found freedom. They did not know that that will be their last journey.

Hindu refugee family in Adarsh Nagar, Delhi
Family of the deceased Pakistani Hindus.

The plight is of two Hindu brothers, but similar instances are happening in Pakistan, although unreported by media. The cousin brothers of Lakshman, a Pakistani Hindu refugee in the Adarsh Nagar Hindu camp, were cornered by Jihadi radical groups in Lahore. His cousin brothers, Gyanchand and Premchand, were stopped on their way to India by Jihadi Muslims. A discussion ensued in which the Jihadis alleged that the immigrating Hindus would say “bad things” about Pakistan (referring to the persecution of Hindus in Pakistan). They chased the Hindu brothers into a forest, and there, they slit their throats in cold blood. Their families in Pakistan and India are devastated. They were looking forward to saving the lives and freedom of two more Hindu brothers, but radical Islamists did not spare them.

This is the reaction of Jihadis when Hindus are being given their rights, just to exist and live as Hindus, without any offence or instigation towards the Muslims or their country.

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Last modified: December 19, 2019