Hindu Activists Launch 24×7 Helpline for Women


In the wake of recent rapes and other heinous crimes committed against women, Hindu activists of Agniveer have launched a 24×7 helpline for women in Ghaziabad. Along with Gau seva helpline, this helpline now also serves to help women caught in an untoward situation.

In many cases of crimes against women, especially Hindu women, the crime is pre-planned and the woman or under-age girl is trapped in some situation with no escape. This helpline will ensure that reliable, strong, able men reach the spot and help rescue women.

In Hinduism, women are worshipped as Devi, or mother goddess. Everything worth having in life is represented by a Devi: Sarasvati Devi is embodiment of knowledge and skills, Devi Lakshmi is embodiment of wealth, prosperity and abundance, and Devi Adishakti is the source of all power and strength. Upholding these values of Santana Dharma, this brave group of Hindu activists have proffered their services to help women in Bharat.

Cover Image via Bold Content on Flickr

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