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Hate Graphics of Hindu Religious Symbols Dirty the Internet

Durga Malathi posts hateful graphics

In a recent outrage over #Kathua, an artist misused her “Freedom of “Expression” to fill the internet with hateful graphics portraying the Trishul in obscene ways. It is obvious that these graphics have nothing to do with the crime, and serve little purpose towards getting justice for the victim, but are a part of a bigger agenda to malign Hinduism, hurt the religious sentiments of Hindus, and to trigger them towards communalism.

Pictures of Graphics posted for reference purpose ONLY:

Durga Malathi abuses Hinduism

These actions of Anti-Hindu forces are in no way justified, far less required for solving any of our problems. Uninformed Hindus are brainwashed by these hurtful graphics into believing that Hinduism itself is a religion of extremism and “Criminalism.” It is not only important, but URGENT for Hindus to not stay mum, but take one tiny step towards preventing such malicious attacks on Hinduism.

REPORT the profile of the artist #DurgaMalathi as abusive, hateful and hurtful to a religious group. Profile link: bit.ly/durgamalathi

Each & every Hindu who worships Shiva & Devi is urged to please take this small action to inform Facebook of the mal-information being spread through this platform. Please do not be silent.

Please take this small action so such agendas that fan communalism & disturb the peace of the society, target Hinduism as a whole, are checked.

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Last modified: April 24, 2018