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Halal Scam & Why It Matters to Hindus

Halal scam

To most Hindus, “Halal” is nothing more than a label on the meat they consume. It does not carry any religious or financial implication. And yet, this is one of the most silent, insidious ways to capture the economy of a Hindu-majority country, by a group of people with the vested agenda of pushing their religious beliefs into anything and everything.

Background: Where Did Halal Come From?

One of the key verses of Qur’an (9:29) talks about the treatment of non-believers, where they should be made to pay a tax called ‘Jizya.’ As per the book, it was also considered as a symbol of their subjugation in front of the supremacy of believers.

In modern times, Muslims in many countries live in the societies where majority of the population is of non-believers (non-Muslims). Hence, their ability to levy ‘Jizya’ is severely curtailed. To deal with this situation and continue collecting tax from non-Muslim population, they started imposing Halal certification schemes. The technical definition of ‘halal’ is ‘anything permissible by Islamic practices.’ In simpler terms, it can be called MRT (Muslim Religious Tax) to be paid by non-Muslims, which is the price of the Halal certification.

Halal certification bodies are run by Muslims patrons and they regularly contact food producers and make it clear to them that Muslims will not touch their products if it does not have a ‘Certified Halal’ symbol on it. Companies, for the fear of losing the customers or export opportunities, are forced to pay these bills, mostly on an annual basis for the certification. General public, who is mostly unaware of the intricacies, end up bearing the burden of this certification and thus paying MRT.

Halal Certification: A Money Making Racket

Halal certification is nothing but a money making racket which penalizes non-Muslim communities. Even innocuous food items like honey, bottled water or even cat food are made to apply for Halal certification. Apart from the big amount of money involved, it also forces non-Muslim communities to give their tacit consent for the cruellest form of animal slaughter. The prescribed method of obtaining halal meat requires draining all the blood out of the slaughtered animal while it is still alive. This unimaginable pain is inflicted upon the animal by making a deep cut on its throat, windpipe and blood vessels around its neck and letting it bleed until it dies. This meat is obtained in the name of their god ‘Allah’. All of these conditions are unacceptable to many.

Can a Hindu Produce Halal Meat?

Some of you might be wondering about the meat produced by Hindu butchers (or Sikhs / Atheists / etc.). The clear directive given in the book is that Mushrikeen are unclean & unhygienic. This is what the book and theology think about you! It should not come as a surprise that the very kalma every Muslim reads 5 times a day denounces all Gods but Allah and calls them false Gods. So much for the respect of other belief systems. Ever wondered about the reaction of the victims of this exclusivity? Complete lack of awareness drives them to support Halal industry unhindered and consume the food products certified by Halal industry.

Where Does Halal MRT Go?

The significant amount of money flowing into the coffers of Muslim halal certification bodies poses dangerous threat to our democracies and peaceful existence. Have we ever looked at where this money collected out of Halal certification process is used? Though at a superficial level it is said that money goes to charities, a closer look reveals that many of these ‘charities’ are engaging in fueling extremism (violence & terrorism) and do nothing which can be called as charitable work. In many cases, these certification bodies support the local Muslim community through contribution made to build & run mosques and Islamic schools or Madarsas. These institutions are primarily based on a book that teaches a visceral hatred for those who do not believe in its message. Madarsas indoctrinate young children to hate non believers and subjugate them as per the will of Allah.

The halal scam is operating with complete impunity throughout the world. The important question that lies in front of us is, whether we should remain a silent observer & contributor in this scam or come forward to expose the true nature of it. We cannot remain indifferent to it any more. The problem is widespread and has entered our homes/ offices/ public space. We must actively boycott halal certified products and encourage friends & family to do the same.

Consumer is the king in any business; if you raise a concern, it will be definitely heard. Next time when you go out to a restaurant and want to order a non vegetarian meal, ask for non-Halal (or Jhataka) meat and do the same when travelling by air/ train/ ship. When you go out for shopping, look for non Halal products and buy only them. The demand generated by you & me will cause these producers & retailers to look for alternative avenues. Support the people who are fighting against halal menace wholeheartedly. You will have the satisfaction for not being party to this scam and doing your bit for stopping animal cruelty. Remember, our silence on this issue will make us responsible of supporting silent Islamization of the world sponsored by our (non-Muslims) own money.

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Last modified: August 23, 2019