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Gorakshaks Find SUV with 2000kg Beef in Gujarat

Gorakshaks find 2000kg beef

In Hathuran, Bahrauch district, on the midnight of November 28th, a few Gorakshaks received the alert that a white Scorpio SUV will be carrying beef from Hathuran village to Limbayat slums of Surat city. Based on the information, at around 1 AM, a team of Gorakshaks (cow protection activists) from Navsari, Kim, Kosamba and Vadodara went out in search of the SUV. After much scouting, at around 5:30 AM in the morning, the specific white Scorpio car was sighted.

go rakshaks find beef in gujrat

The Gorakshaks informed the local police, and the SUV was chased. In the chase, the Scorpio SUV ended up in a ditch and taking advantage of the darkness, the butchers fled into the fields, leaving behind the car with the beef. The Gorakshaks’ vehicle also got damaged.

go rakshaks find beef

It is found that a butcher called Yakub Memon kills cows in Hathuran almost every day. About 2000 kg of beef was found in the car.

Kim area local police came to the spot, got the car pulled out of the ditch, and started their legal procedure. The caught Scorpio car will be impounded. The Gorakshaks received cooperation from PSI Shri Gadhvi.

Beef is banned in the entire state of Gujarat, and the increasing occurrences of cows being sent to slaughter houses, and beef being transported within or outside of the states which support beef ban, is a proof of the growing menace of Muslim communities which illegally break all laws that uphold the values of Sanatana Dharma.

Pictures & news courtesy: Pranin Foundation, Gujarat & Agniveer

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Last modified: December 5, 2018