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Dr Priyanka Reddy, a Vet, Burnt Alive in Hyderabad

Priyanka Reddy was a veterinarian doctor in Hyderabad, with her clinic in Nawabpet. She was last seen near a toll plaza with a flat tyre in her scooty. As per reports of her sister, she told her that she was “scared” because strange men were staring at her. Unfortunately, instead of leaving her scooty and taking a cab home, she decided to trust men who would eventually rape her and burn her alive.

When Priyanka did not return home, her family filed a complaint with the police. On 28th November, her charred body was discovered thrown under a bridge which is under construction.

One Mohammad Pasha, a lorry driver, has been arrested as the accused rapist.

Although autopsy is not yet done, her undergarments found thrown near the toll plaza in the bushes suggest that she was first raped, then her body was set on fire and burnt, and discarded under the bridge.

Such heart wrenching cases of utmost cruelty shake the belief that women are safe in the metropolises. While the Parliament is busy discussing which is the best wording to be used for an assassin who died almost 70 yrs ago, there has been a stunning silence from all Ministers, except G Kishan Reddy, the BJP MP from Telangana. No discussions have been held in the Parliament on this subject. Mainstream media has failed to report the name of the accused as well.

This is the most appropriate time for the Indian Parliament to consider measures to stop the spread of the ideology of Jihad, which makes Muslim fundamentalists to rape women without any compunctions.


Accused Mohammad Pasha Arrested In Hyderabad’s Priyanka Reddy Murder Case

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Last modified: November 29, 2019