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What Is Hinduism News?


Hinduism News is the platform for sharing genuine, unbiased news on Hinduism, to awaken Hindus. We aim to be the knowledge bank, news portal, and discussion platform for all things relating to Hinduism.



1) Spread awareness about the attacks on Hinduism amongst Hindus, with facts & figures & research
2) Spared authentic knowledge of Hinduism, with proper references to scriptures
3) Grow as a voice of Hinduism to reckon with, which raises fundamental issues with concerned organisations, over a period of time

If you are passionate about Hinduism, and want to be a part of this movement of awakening Hindus, you can contribute by 1) Writing for Hinduism News 2) Sharing information and knowledge from Hinduism News on social media.

If you wish to write for the website, reach us on [email protected]