Alpana Agarwal

900 Year Old Hindu Temple Demolished

900 Year Old Hindu Monastery to be Demolished

The Puri administration is tearing down many structures, including ancient Mathas, within 75-metre distance of the Jagannath temple walls in the name of development. Some of these Hindu religious institutions date back...
Kanwar yatra

Kanwar Yatra: A Scourge for the Society?

Every year in the month of July, the country's elite, especially those residing in Delhi, get extremely disturbed. July coincides with the Hindu month of saavan or shrawan, and brings with it...
In Search of Ashwatthama

In Search of Ashwatthama

The objective of this article is not to give details about the story of Ashwatthama, nor is it to speculate whether the story is true or not. As a practicing Hindu, I firmly believe...