Have Indian Hindus Forgotten Global Hindus?

Many centuries ago, Hinduism, or Sanatana Hindu Dharma, took birth in the Ganga-Saraswati...

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What Happens To Those Who Abuse Gurus

Many Hindus and anti-Hindus are caught in the web of thinking that the best way to prove their...

What Does Yoga Have to Do With Hinduism? Everything!

A popular question many people ask is, “What does yoga have to do with Hinduism?” The...


Why Should Hindus Say “Sadgati” and Not “Rest in Peace” -?

The Hindu concept of life and death is very different from that of Abrahamic religions, which have...

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Dr Priyanka Reddy, a Vet, Burnt Alive in Hyderabad

Priyanka Reddy was a veterinarian doctor in Hyderabad, with her clinic in Nawabpet. She was last...

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Open Declaration of Anti-Hindu Secularism -Mizoram CM Swears in With Christian Rituals

The most astounding feature of “secularism” as practiced in the Republic of India, is that no Hindu rituals are allowed in any public institutions, whereas rituals of Muslims and Christians are openly allowed & flashed around as a symbol of their “religious freedom.” The newest low in this dichotomy of...

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Why Indian Carnatic Music is “Hindu”

In Hinduism, music, dance, arts, everything has a purpose – the purpose is to realize your higher Self or consciousness. The more...

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Sabarimala Women Entry – Some Facts from Hinduism

Why are women of reproducing age not allowed only in Sabarimala temple? Why is it important to preserve the tradition of the temple? These...


Was Shabri a Dalit? Was there Caste System in Hinduism During Ramayana?

Out of the many manufactured myths floating around the caste system in Hinduism, the incident of Shabri meeting Sri Ram is one. Many...

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For The Disillusioned Intellectual Hindu Youth

Are you a born & brought up Hindu youth, who is disillusioned with Hinduism? Who feels that the religion does not “live up to...

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